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Adding Video to your website is always recommended

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Many clients ask us about adding video to their website. They have questions like, is it a good idea? Is it difficult? Where would I start? These are all good questions, and we have the answers. First let’s talk a little about why video on a website is such a great thing.

Everyone knows what YouTube is, and everyone has watched a video on YouTube. In fact, most of your demographics has probably watched many many videos on YouTube. The web over the past 5 years as really trained people to want to watch videos instead of reading. Great copy is still of value, but a short video telling your story, highlighting your product or telling potential customers why they should choose you goes a long way. In short, web users love video. Your demographic of potential customers in Panama City Beach, Florida is no different.

Let’s answer some web video questions.

Is it a good idea? Yes, yes and yes. Professional video takes a little time and effort to develop, so much of your competition may not have it, which means you have a chance to stand out.

Is it difficult? It does require some planning and investment, but probably not as much as you think. For a few hundred dollars, some are able to get a very short professional video to use in their web marketing.

Where would I start? Find a professional videographer in Panama City Beach. If you need a recommendation, we have a few names for you. Just let us know.