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Bing Now Has Webmaster Tools

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Yep. Bing now has Webmaster Tools. What are Webmaster tools?

Google has pretty much developed the concept of course. Basically, it is a way to check with the search engines, and make sure your site is doing ok. You can check things like…is there a crawling issue, what pages are indexed, etc. Now, you can even check what keywords are directing people to your site, and link your Analytic’s account up.

Now that Bing has a Web Master tools setup, you can check how your site is doing in Bing and Yahoo. Remember, they still make up about 25% of search traffic.

ClicksCrazy.com has always setup Google Webmaster Tools for all it’s sites, and monitors it. Now, we just have one more thing to do…lucky us!