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What makes a web design company…professional?

July 2, 2014

Easy you say. The website has to look professional itself, and the company needs to sound like they know what they are doing. Well, that is sort of correct. Here is a list of what your Panama City Beach web design company should be doing. The Website Your website will most likely have several responsibilities, […]

We redesigned…ourselves…

October 31, 2013

Woohoo! ClicksCrazy.com has been re-branded! Yes we know you loved our logo, and the pinup girl on our home page (settle fellas), but I guess we had to grow up sometime. We also wanted to make sure our Orlando Web Design clients feel just as warm and fuzzy as our Panama City Beach Web Design […]

Might just be time for a refreshed web design

August 28, 2013

Here are a few points to think about that might help you determine if you need to update your website with a new look and new features. Re-Design Points to Consider Is your website “responsive”, optimizing the experience for mobile users? Of course we have always made sure our websites work on all mobile devices, […]

Now Offering Orlando, Fl Web Design

August 11, 2012

We are VERY excited to announce that we are now serving the Orlando, Florida area. The rich diversity and different business style here has always appealed to us, and now we have an opportunity to start providing our “web guru services” to Orlando small business owners. Panama City Beach is of course still our home, […]

Shout Out to our Beautiful Beaches

April 3, 2012

So after work today, we decided to take a trip down to Rick Seltzer park to enjoy the water for a few minutes. We think its important to take a breathe every once and a while, and take in all life has to offer, especially what our local community has to offer. Why just a […]

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