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Blog Category: Content Management System

What Are Your E-Commerce Options

October 8, 2011

Whether you are selling a few products, or many products, you would agree that it is important to know what e-commerce options are available for your website. This article was inspired by LH Beads in Panama City Florida. Check out their store…I think you will be shocked what the Panama City downtown has hidden away. […]

Deciding on WordPress

September 28, 2011

WordPress is a very popular FREE blogging system turned CMS (Content Management System). If you are a Panama City company interested in Web Design, than WordPress is certainly something you should consider. It will allow you to add and change content on your website. This includes new pages, and blog articles, and as you know…content […]

What is a CMS?

October 27, 2009

You have probably heard of this acronym, but many don’t know what it means. It means simply: Content Management System What does it mean for your site? CMS allows Web Site Owners to easily change the content of the web site. This includes images, and copy on what ever pages the CMS manages. The Web […]