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Blog Category: E-Commerce

Site Launch: Draperies To Go

April 5, 2012

Another one on the board for ClicksCrazy.com. This was actually an e-commerce website, though we are still refining the online store section, so excuse the construction. The folks at Draperies To Go wanted a site that had a coastal feel, as they are located in Panama City Beach, but it also needed to be able […]

What Are Your E-Commerce Options

October 8, 2011

Whether you are selling a few products, or many products, you would agree that it is important to know what e-commerce options are available for your website. This article was inspired by LH Beads in Panama City Florida. Check out their store…I think you will be shocked what the Panama City downtown has hidden away. […]

E-Commerce Growth Up 14%

August 10, 2011

A recent report from comScore showed E-commerce sales reaching a high of 37.5 billion dollars during the second quarter of this year. If you compare that to the same period last year, that is a 14% increase. That seems crazy in this economy. I thought this fact was interesting though. Reports show that 70 percent […]

Abandon Shopping Cart!

October 12, 2010

The holiday seasons are approaching! Do you know what that means for e-commerce sites? Yes, increased abandonment rates. Below are the Top 5 reasons increased abandonment rates are seen: 1. Shipping and handling costs (44%)2. Not ready to purchase the product (41%)3. Wanted to compare prices on other sites (27%)4. Item was priced too high […]