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Blog Category: Wordpress

Site Launch: Coldwell Banker Carroll Realty

August 25, 2015

Coldwell Banker Carroll Realty, A Panama City Beach and Panama City Real Estate company. Yes, Panama City boasts many real estate agents and brokers, but after working with the team at Carroll Realty, it is easy to see why they have had over 28 successful years buying and selling in the area. They have offices […]

Which to choose? Website template or custom

October 30, 2014

Several years ago, ClicksCrazy strongly pushed custom website design over using a template. Template used to be a “bad word“, reminding business owners of the hours they spent trying to use online website building tools themselves to create a website that frankly, looked horrible. In fact, statistically only 3% of websites started with a template […]

Redirect all subdomains to a URL

July 5, 2014

There may be cases where you want to redirect all subdomains to a main domain. Maybe consolidating an older larger site that used subdomains for everything instead of directory structure. The below code should be just want you need. The Code: RewriteEngine On 2.RewriteBase / 3.RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^yourdomain.com$ [NC] 4.RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://yourdomain.com/$1 [L,R=301] What This […]

Make WordPress Captions Responsive

May 2, 2013

At ClicksCrazy.com, we build custom WordPress sites all the time. WordPress allows the user to easily add in image captions. However, these image captions (generated by WordPress) set fixed widths on their containers, which of course won’t work with a Responsive website. The Solution to Making WordPress Captions Responsive: The Code /* Make Caption Images […]

Hide WordPress Update Notification

August 17, 2012

At ClicksCrazy.com, we adapt the WordPress CMS to give our Orlando Web Design clients website a custom look with all the great WordPress functionality. This even means the client may use the different user levels available in WordPress for employees to login to, so they can access certain pages, and change their profiles, etc. The […]

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