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Doing Our Part to Help the Earth

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Being a Web Development Agency, I have a shoe in for being green.

But, you do have to make a conscious effort in your Business, and in your Personal life.

Here is what ClicksCrazy.com tries to do to be more GREEN:
1. Use soft copies of documents as much as possible.
2. Schedule meetings for best efficiency.
3. Utilize Web Ex meetings.
4. Recycle Plastic, Cans, and Paper.
5. Buy recycled office supplies.

Here is what I try to do, to be more GREEN:

1. Drive efficient vehicles.
2. Plan errands to use less fuel.
3. Turn lights off whenever you leave a room.
4. In the Summer, keep blinds closed, and make sure to shut doors and windows.

Not everybody has the schedule, or personality to be a go getter green activist. But we can all do our part in helping. Just a few simple energy saving habits in our lives, multiplied by millions, can go a long way.