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Deciding on WordPress

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Panama City Web Design with WordPressWordPress is a very popular FREE blogging system turned CMS (Content Management System).

If you are a Panama City company interested in Web Design, than WordPress is certainly something you should consider. It will allow you to add and change content on your website. This includes new pages, and blog articles, and as you know…content is still king for search engines.

At ClicksCrazy.com, we offer WordPress sites, as well as “standard” or static websites. But shouldn’t WordPress be used for every site? The answer…no. At least that is not what we believe. Allow us to explain why.

WordPress Pros

  • Add pages to your company website yourself.
  • Add articles to your website, increasing search engine visiblity.
  • Have access to thousands of plugins to easily add different features to your website like photo galleries, etc.

WordPress Cons

  • Increased upfront costs, which can break a companies budget in this economy.
  • Useless. Yes, for some very small companies, their business really would not benefit from having a cms/blogging system. Their website simply may not need to change very much because of the type of business, and when it does, they can utilize the free development they get each month with their hosting package.
  • A user of wordpress must learn to use it. It is like learning a new piece of software like Microsoft Office.
  • For a website to perform, many aspects must be considered. Things like the usability, search engine optimization and conversion ability. Even if a site is using a CMS, many businesses without a dedicated marketing resource must rely on a web professional to add content in a way that meets these goals.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is a wonderful tool for small and large businesses. It’s not going anywhere and can help your online presence grow intensely if it is used. However, if you are on a tight budget, or hardly expect your site to change much, there is nothing wrong with choosing a more static website option.

Note too, that though a website may not have an “admin” to add content on the fly, frameworks are still used to ensure the website is flexible and pages and content can be easily removed. These frameworks allow your web designer to quickly add pages to a website, or change content without any risk of broken links or errors on the site.