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Setting up a Cron Job manually

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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At ClicksCrazy.com we often have to setup up Cron Jobs. Cron jobs are basically automated processes/scripts on the server that do things behind the scenes as it pertains to a website or website data. Some hosting companies have cpanels or administrative areas that will do this automatically, but it can be just as easy to set up a cron manually.

How to setup a Cron Job Manually


You will need to download Putty or another SSH/Telnet client.

Setup/Edit the Cron Job

1. Login to your server thru Putty. (Login will often be your Hosting account credentials)
2. At the prompt type “crontab-e“. This opens the crontab file and will display all crons running. If all you see lines with “~”, than there are no crons setup.
3. User your arrow keys to go to an empty line, and press “o” to insert a new line. To edit an existing line, go to that line and press “i“.
4. Setup the new cron using this format:
30 23 * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/vpe/mail.php
Definition: (Minute 0-59) (Hour 0-23) (Day of Month 1-31 or *) (Month 1-12 or *)(Day of Week 0-6 or *) (Command or Full File Path) *Means every day/month, etc.
5. Press ESC to exit out of editing.
6. Save changes by pressing “ZZ“.

We hope that helps! Bookmark this page for a quick reference.