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Beware of E-Mail Scams

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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We all get lot’s of E-Mail spam don’t we. That is, email that is just junk or unsolicited even though ICANN has advertising following some pretty strict rules.

However, what is even more annoying and dangerous our Scam Emails.
They come in a variety of forms:

  • Bogus Offers (The Prince of Persia needs your Help to Transfer Money!)
  • Phishing Tactics (False Representations to get you to Click on something)
  • LinkedIn ScammingLook at the image to left here…

    It looks like you simply got a notification from LinkedIn about someone who wants to connect to you! Great, another networking opportunity right? Wrong!

    These are the worst. This is actually a “scammer” wanting you to click in the email, so it can most likely bring you to a site to give you a virus, or implant tracking cookies on your machine.

    What Can You Do

    First, ensure you have an anti-virus software that also checks your email. AVG is a good free one to use. Next, be cautious. Yes, it is a pain, but if something looks suspicious, check it out.

    For Example: The only reason discovered this LinkedIn email was a scam, was I didn’t recognize the name requesting the connection. Everything else about the email at a glance looked like a standard request I would get.

    There is no sign that scamming is going to go away. So make efforts to educate yourself on scammer tactics, and implement solutions to protect yourself.