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Google Latitude and You

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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So what is Google Latitude?

It is an enhanced Google Maps feature that identify the location of all your Google Friends on a map!

It uses the phone built in GPS, and the Google Maps software.
(Which most newer phones have now, and almost ALL smart phones)

This seems like something just to be used Socially…However, I am sure the business applications of this new product will be making themselves manifest soon.

Off the Top of My Head:
I think we will be able to watch the traveling trends of those in our Social Network soon, I think this will be beneficial in helping us see what appeals to them, and how to reach them.

Google Latitude is just another example of a product that is hot, and provides insight into the future of the web. As ClicksCrazy.com, I am determined to be on top of the latest technologies, and develope solutions for my clients!