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Google + Reaction

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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So Google + has been out for a few weeks now, and invites are slowly but surely becoming easier to get.

First Impressions

Very good. The display is nice and easy to read. We have lots of white space, and clear call to actions. However, it can be a little confusing after using Facebook for so long. Since features are in similar Google Plus Circleslocations, it’s like your brain keeps going back to where Facebook would have it. This isn’t a bad thing. It shows Google knows it users, and what they expect.


For me, the Circles setup is by far the best feature I have found. It allows you to associate people with different Circles, like Family, or Workmates. You can great your own circles as well. What can you do with circles? When you post, you can now choose which circles will see the post. So if post some pictures of your trip out of town, you can set only your Family Circle to see them. You may not want everyone knowing that you are out of town.

There are also no advertisements…for now. I am sure there will be, but we can enjoy it while we can. Google + also takes full use of the +1 feature in results Google released a few months ago. You can also add this feature onto your web site, so I encourage you to do so. For some reason, using +1 is less cumbersome than using Facebook LIKE.

The final highlight I want to mention is that Google + is not really a social network. That’s right. It is more of a new breed of open communication in my opinion. Currently, you can pretty much connect with anyone without having to “Request” it. It is very open.

Final Thoughts

I really like what I see, and view this as a real game changer. There are a lot of questions, like how will businesses use this? I am also concerned that only “techies” will flock to Google +. I have already heard a rumor that most of its users are currently male.

Time will tell, but so far so good. If you haven’t already received an invite from someone, ask around, people have them.

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