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Joining the Panama City Beach Chamber for Small Businesses

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Panama City Beach Chamber of CommerceJoining your local chamber of commerce (Panama City Beach Chamber for us) is something every new business considers.

You no doubt think about the cost on top of all the other start up costs upon you.

For many business owners or those in charge of marketing, they count that cost as just too much…”out of the budget”.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Well first we need to establish if the cost really is just “not in the budget”. The fact is, a standard marketing budget should be 5 to 10% of your gross for the year. If you are a new business, you need to base this of the estimated gross.

The reality however, is that small businesses on average just set a flat dollar amount for marketing, and it ends up being about 2 grand according to most reports. Think about how far 2K lasts with today’s marketing avenues including: Web Site Design/Maintenance, Paid Advertising in Search Engines, Printed Materials & Graphic Design, Expos, Etc.

So, if you do not allot enough in your marketing budget, then yes, the Panama City Beach Chamber will be out of your budget.

However, some businesses simply do not have anything to spare in these tough economic times, and that is ok. The point is that you need to make sure you are trying your best to have a well padded marketing budget. After all, very few businesses will say that marketing is not the most important aspect of generating sales.

Now, on to the Pros and Cons…


  • It costs money, not a ton. But on a under-sized budget, it could take a chunk.
  • It may require a time investment (Depending how involved you want to be).
  • If you or your marketing person is shy, than you may not benefit as much, as there is a lot of interaction.


  • There are many ways to get your name out there and build brand awareness.
  • Close association with local business leaders who can really help you if they see you putting the effort forth.
  • You have the rare opportunity to learn from other businesses, and educate you and your staff.

As you can see, the Pros list can potentially be well worth the nominal cost of the chamber. Depending on your ROI, one job or customer gained from membership could pay for your entire membership for the year.

At a meeting of chamber members once, I heard it said that “your chamber membership will work as hard as you want it to”. And that is so true, if you become a member, get involved, and have a solid product or service, then the chamber can be a strong asset in helping your business grow.

Visit the Panama City Beach Chamber Official Site: Click Here