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Custom Web Site Vs Template or Web Based Site Building

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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This is a subject that constantly comes up. Businesses see Web Sites offering simply a Monthly Fee, and tools to Build a Web Site Yourself.

Example: VistaPrint.com ($10 a Month). Web Based Site Building tools do work…Sort Of…

What I mean is you will get a site, but your site will most likely not provide you the results you need.

Online Site Builders like this do not work for you. You are not their client, instead you are recurring revenue each month. Think about it, anyone can afford $10 per month. Can you imagine how many businesses sign up for these services every day? Thousands!
The businesses do indeed get a web site, but services like these are rarely if ever behind a successful Web Site.

Why are Custom Web Sites a better Choice? Let’s review some of the Advantages of a Custom Built Web Site Vs a Template, or Web Based Site:

  • Search Engine Optimization: The Focus on Search Engine Optimization. People need to be able to find you, and it’s something that needs to be maintained. Online Services do not offer the research, and industry knowledge to direct and guide you.

  • Branding and Professional Look of The Design: Get a Custom design directed by you to match your business, not a template. Its a template, which means its not unique. The usability of the design, may not fit your business.

  • Expert Direction: Experts who know how people interact with the web, and how your site can be optimized to “Convert” visitors. A Conversion means the visitor to your site calls you, emails you, sends a contact form, etc. We focus on designing the site to get people to make that conversion.

  • Web Site Usability: Consultation from your Web Usability Specialist to help you make good decisions, and changes to your site. When you want to make changes, we can consult with you to help make the most of your changes.

  • Time: A Custom Web Site can vary in time greatly depending on the requirements. Be careful not to underestimate the time it takes to build it yourself. On a side note, I recently redesigned the ClicksCrazy.com Invoices in Quick Books. It took me over 2 hours, just to customize an invoice in a drag and drop interface, muck like these online tools use.

Why not accept a free consultation from ClicksCrazy.com, and learn more about Web Sites overall, and the options you have available.