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What Is HTML5?

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Chances are, if you are an Orlando or Panama City Beach website owner, you have heard of HTML5.

It is sort of becoming a more common term as the HTML5 issue gets hotter. The issue being web designers and some browsers are slow to support it.

What IS HTML5?

You are probably already familiar with HTML. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the coding language that browsers read, to render a website display. HTML5 is a new standard of that core coding language.

The core language has not been updated in a while, and HTML5 contains new features as well as performance increases. New HTML5 is helping your search results too. Search Engines are having a harder and harder time defining certain pieces of information on a website. For example, if they wanted to figure out what’s navigation, and what is actually content that might be useful to someone.

HTML5 and Web Browsers

You see, different browsers render HTML differently. For example, Internet Explorer might render something differently than Firefox (That is sort of an understatement actually).

Do you know that right now, your web designer has to actually do extra work, just to make sure your website works in all browsers. This costs business owners a ton of money.

Good browsers such as Firefox & Chrome are HTML 5 compatible, even though HTML5 has not been officially released. Good web designers should also already be coding websites in HTML5.

How to Get a HTML5 Browser

  • It’s easy. Download Fire Fox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, update to Internet Explorer 9. (Note, that you will not be able to update to Internet Explorer 9 if you are running Windows XP)

Is Your Web Designer Using HTML5?

At ClicksCrazy.com, we are committed to building quality websites, we do this not just by making high quality looking websites, but also by making sure that behind the scenes, we are utilizing the latest technology.