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Big Google Subdomain Change

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Well, at least I feel this is a huge change. It seems that in years past, many companies I have worked with have used subdomains for everything. I guess it was just the trend at the time.

Google Webmaster Subdomain ChangeThis put everyone in a pickle, as SEO became vital for website performance. The reason? Google viewed subdomains as individual websites. Yes, really…they did.

The Change

Finally, Google has realized that though they now favor a nice directory structure, companies have not been able to adapt as quickly, and change all their subdomains over to directory structures (Ex. clickscrazy.com/services/ as opposed to services.clickscrazy.com)

Google has annouced they are now viewing subdomains as internal links! This is huge!

So if you have subdomains on your website those subdomains now appear within Google Webmaster Tools as links coming from within your own site and not as links coming from other sites.

The Bad

This might be good for many, but could be bad for some. Those who have a high ranking subdomain could be affected. This is pretty uncommon, but those that are using subdomains as primary sites better start making adjustments.

We don’t believe Google has modified their algorithm, which is great, because this gives us time to make changes.

As it is with Google, we won’t know the full impact until it happens. If you use subdomains think about this announcement and decide if you need to work with your webmaster to make changes.