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New Business SEO Suggestions

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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So you got a fresh new website…errr….now what?

Here are some basic initial steps you can take to help your website perform.

Step 1: Blog Content

Start with one article per month from one of your team members. We can show them how to add to the website themselves through the content management system, or we can assist.

Benefit: This keeps the site growing and Google likes that. It also creates the ability for users to share links to that articles, creating Backlinks (See Step 6) and assigning value to the website. The goal here is QUALITY content.

Step 2: Basic Social Setup/Optimization:

Includes the creation/optimization of Twitter and Facebook pages: Custom cover photo, optimized content, etc.

Benefit: A strong social presence is essential. Period. Of course there are many social networks, but Twitter and Facebook are the primaries.

Step 3: Development Service/SEO Program:

This is a general service we offer that simply allows us time each month to make changes to improve function and SEO of the website, each month.

Benefit: Without instruction, we complete needed website upgrades, improve mobile compatibility and complete minor SEO on the website. A report is sent after each service. Every successful website needs a web professional paying with their eyes on the website.

Step 4: Local Search Program:

We get you listed in about 70+ online business listings (Including Google Businesses, Yahoo and Bing).

Benefit: This creates Backlinks to your website, and provides more avenues for potential customers to find you. This gets you “on the map” when users do searches for local services.

Step 5: Paid Advertising (Google/Social):

Create online ads to appear for a variety of keywords phrases and pay per click for web traffic.

Benefit: Drive traffic to your website and only pay for the person who walks in the door. A newer website will take time to rank, especially for valuable keywords. This is the only guaranteed way to generate traffic, though it is the most costly.

Step 6: Backlinks Program:

We create quality Backlinks targeting 1 or 2 keyword phrases from reputable resources to your website.

Benefit: Drive traffic from other websites, make your website look more valuable to Google. Your domain authority will be increased, which indicates to Google that your site has value.