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Facebook Chasing Google Plus with Privacy Changes

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Many have been watching Facebook to see how they respond to the Google Plus popularity. Though Google Plus has not taken off many non-tech users (according to various reports), those who have used it cannot deny they like many of it’s capabilities and features.

Facebook Web Site ChangesThis is mainly in it’s “Circles” function. We won’t go too much into that, but we will look at what Facebook is doing that is similar and talk about it’s new privacy settings.

The Details

First, some of the privacy controls are now “inline”, or available when users are actually creating a post. So now users can decide who will be able to view specific posts with a dropdown menu. Users can control the post going to everyone, friends of friends, friends or they can customize in detail who sees the posts.

Now this is really cool. Users now have the ability to approve photos they have been tagged in before they are shown to everyone. No more surprises.

After you have played with your privacy settings, you can then use the new “View Profile As” feature in the top right to see how your profile looks to one of your friends. This might be useful if you’re a FB friend with your Boss, but you have restrictions applied.

Lastly, locations can now be associated to just about anything. They can even be assigned to past posts. This was previously only available when using Facebook via a smart phone.


We may have missed some, but that is certainly the bulk of the changes. It will be interesting to see how users respond to the changes and if it affects any migration towards Google Plus.

Personally, I think Facebook is to be commended for listening to the people, and implementing changes so fast. No doubt they had wind of some of the Google Plus features. I am concerned that they released many changes at the same time. FB users are now getting hammered with popups telling them about the new features.