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The Importance of Listing your Business

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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What do I mean when I say “Listing Your Business”? I mean adding it to the many web site business directories that are available. There tons of websites geared just towards listing businesses in almost every category you can think of.

They most of the time offer free listings for 2 reasons. One, to get consumers to use their website to find businesses or products. Two, to then up sell their free listings, to paid listings to make money. Paid business listings is another story, we can talk about another time.

Many of the business listing web sites available have social features built in. Things like the ability to comment, post status updates & post deals. Some use plugins to integrate with your Facebook and Twitter. Almost all of them feature a review capability, which we know to be extremely valuable to local businesses. Their are even many free Panama City Beach Business Listing web sites that you could be taking advantage of.

So how does this actually help your business, and website performance? In a variety of ways. Your business is helped directly because consumers who might be using these avenues, can now find your business in its appropriate category (Ex. Carpet Cleaners in Panama City). Your website is helped, because almost every one of the sites you can list your business on, will “backlink” to your company web site. Google says “Hey, look at all these other sites linking to this company…”. Of course much of the value of this depends on the quality of the site that is linking to your site.

So you want to get started now I’m sure. There are a few things to note before you do. Many companies try and blitz these business listings. Copy and Pasting the same text about their company over and over again (Ex. We are a restaurant that sells burgers, fries, etc.) To really get good value from free business listings, is to write unique content for each one. This is in addition to ensuring you add photos, and your company logo if applicable.

This is a considerable investment in time. Especially if you take into account any changes that will need to be made to your listing. These are things like new services, etc.

That is why I setup ClicksCrazy.com to offer affordable setup costs, to get you on all the most important business listing web sites. We have put together a list of some of the top business listing web sites we have been talking about.

  • Google Places/Google Maps
  • Local.com
  • Yelp.com
  • SuperPages.com
  • Merchant Circle.com
  • Manta.com

These are just some of the most popular business listing web sites. Are you on them? If not, put together a plan to start making sure you are listed. Remember, the team here at ClicksCrazy.com is always available to help!