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The Importance of Social Networks

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Why are Social Networks so Important?

Let’s just cover a couple reasons:
1. Back Links – Social networks allow you to create tons of pages with back links to your site. This is only effective if profile is public.

2. Word of Mouth Marketing – Get people talking about you. Remind your friends what you do, so it can be at the top of their mind when someone their speaking to mentions a service you offer.

3. It’s fun! It’s great to link up with other local business members, as well as your friends.

4. Learn. Learn about what is going on in your community and trends in your area. Then adapt your business accordingly.

These are just a couple reasons, their are ton’s more. I just wanted to jot done a few things while they were on my mind. I will continue to add to this post.