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How to Meet about Design Projects

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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I came across this article, that will benefit every business (Not just for Web Development).
It covers working Effectively in a meeting.

Problems Faced in Meetings:
Meetings become idea sessions, and the group cannot stay focused to accomplish a task.
Meetings are held, when they are not needed, which uses valuable time.


Here are some of the Highlights:

  • Actions before the meeting establish the groundwork for accomplishing meeting results.
  • Effective meetings that produce results, begin with meeting planning.
  • Once you’ve developed your meeting plan, ensure that a meeting is the appropriate vehicle for accomplishing the set goals.
  • If a meeting is the appropriate means to accomplish your goals, check with the participants who must attend for the meeting to succeed.
  • t. You can make meetings most productive and ensure results by providing necessary pre-work in advance of the actual meeting.

When it comes to web design projects especially, everyone has an opinion. But peoples opinion, is just an opinion, it is often NOT based on data. If you do not have data, work together, and stay focused on an indivual element, until a conclusion is drawn.