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How to NOT get a point across with an IPhone

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Our mobile phones are extremely important in our work, but really in almost all aspects of our life.

Mobile Application development is growing at an alarming rate.
With the exception of Windows Mobile, come on guys…)

Phones are essential in the management of your projects, and your team.

I heard of an incident however, were a camera phone caused more damage than good.
An employer was unhappy with a teams work performance, so he found an opportunity while they were all on a break, and snapped a photo with his IPhone (The team saw the person do this.)

The concern was expressed to the supervisor, which had valid points to it.
But what benefit was the photo? Especially when individuals saw the person take a “secret” photo of them…and then they get a talk from their supervisor.

How would you feel about this employer after this happened?

It is something for us all to think about in regards to use of our phones. The technology is amazing, and changing by the Month…do we remember that technology…like all things…can be abused.