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Site Launch: All-Star Coaching

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Staff CoachingAll-Star came to us and wanted a hip site, that was still very professional.

They offer staff coaching, primarily for wireless companies, but offer their unique service to all companies who need assistance reversing the effects technology has had on face to face communication.

There are many coaching companies out there, but All-Star is unique in a variety of ways. One way is their 90 day guarantee, something that is really unheard of in the industry.

Also, their staff as a lot of experience, but that does not mean they are not up to date on how people of all ages are interacting.

We were so happy they asked us to help them design their look and brand. We can’t wait to watch them grow as we know they will.

Visit The Site: http://all-starcoaching.com