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Site Launch: Fiji Fly Custom Fly Rods

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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This project was a little bit of a learning experience for us. Why? Well, we don’t hid the fact that we are nerds, who like to stay inside and play on the computer. So when when were were tasked with building the new Fiji Fly, Custom Fly Fishing Rod website, we had to do a little research.

Panama City Custom Fly Fishing RodsWhat did we find? We learned that for a Fly Fishermen, the rod in which they use, is VERY important. We found that the rod has to feel right, as well as work as desired. The team at Fiji Fly also explained that most people who want a custom Fly Rod, actually know what they want, and there is not much guesswork.

Fiji Fly can literally customize every part of a Fly Fishing Rod. They can change the Real Seats, Guides, Length, Grips & Colors (256 in fact). They offer both graphite & fiberglass rods. They have also just started to offer fly fishing courses.

To someone not familiar with the sport, you might think that there is only one kind of fly fishing. But, in reality, there are many times, and some methods can take an hour to learn, others several days!


We truly enjoyed working on this site, as well as learning a little more about the sport, and those who practice it. Check out the site, and tell Fiji Fly what you think!

Visit Website: http://fijifly.com/