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Theres No I in Team

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Yes. Pretty corny I know. But the bottom line is, if you are developing for a company, you better be able to work as a team member.

You developers that are independent, your good, develop what ever bad personality traits you want.

But, for all those working for the man, make your work life easier, and more satisfying. Stop thinking solely of yourself. Stop thinking about what you want, and were you want to be. Don’t forget about it, just stop thinking about it all the time.

There is no better feeling than getting a bonus, raise, or promotion that you DID NOT expect. Much better than when you have been throwing your co workers under the bus, complaining about the middle management, and sucking up to the boss.

Remember, if you have a good boss, he/she can see right thru your crap.

What if there is a team member you have a problem with?
Perhaps you have an opportunity to express your feelings on why you have a problem with this person, in an HR meeting or something. Do you let it rip? Show the boss how honest and open you are?
HaHa…No. You are just revealing your true colors. Especially if this person is maybe of middle management, or your boss.

Why would anyone tell their boss…what they don’t like about him to his face?
A person that has been blinded by thinking of only themselves…that’s who.

When your team member wrongs you. Examine yourself:
Are you overreacting?
Do you honestly think this person is out to damage your position in the company?
Are their any of your personality traits that could perhaps be contributing to your feelings.
Do you know of anyone else that feels the same about this person?
What are ALL the Emotions you have when you think of this person?

To conclude this poorly organized article, always consider how your actions effect other people.
Remember that if you are selfish, holding grudges, and thinking of your own self, you could really hurt someone, which hurts the team, the company, your credibility, and ultimately your job.