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Site Launch: Kickado Talent Videos

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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This was an amazing project, and has been over 3 months in the making. We will have much work to do as we grow with Kickado, but we are certainly proud of what we have accomplished together.

Kickado.com Talent VideosWhat is Kickado? It is an Online Talent Video site. Talented people in the world can post their videos of performances to multiple categories (up to 3), and “Show the World Their Talent”. What is unique about this concept as opposed to others, is that the user is only given 60 seconds for their video. Why? Well because Kickado feels that only having 60 seconds motivates users to do their very best. In real auditions, applicants are only given a limited time to show what they got, so Kickado follows that same principle. This concept is also directed at controlling the quality of the video on Kickado. With only 60 seconds, users will most likely need to put time into editing their video to be the highest quality.

We really did enjoy working on this project, and we thank the Kickado team for giving us the change to Show our Talent!

This website is no longer available.