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Which to choose? Website template or custom

by Brandon Welch
Web Designer/Developer & Web Expert
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Several years ago, ClicksCrazy strongly pushed custom website design over using a template. Template used to be a “bad word“, reminding business owners of the hours they spent trying to use online website building tools themselves to create a website that frankly, looked horrible. In fact, statistically only 3% of websites started with a template online website building tool, were ever launched.

How things have changed, WordPress websites now dominate the web, that is, websites that use WordPress as the content management system and as their backbone. Talented developers have found a market in creating high quality website templates for WordPress, that other web designers can use. Note, “high quality” is the keyword here.

About Website Templates

Professional templates run around $50 to $100, and will take a professional developer 15 to 25 hours to setup. At ClicksCrazy we purchase from reputable suppliers. There are thousands of options available, and can typically cut development time of a new website in half. If you are on a budget, and do not need a super unique representation of your business or any custom functionality, a professional WordPress template is worth considering. It will give you a professional website, that works great on mobile devices for fraction of the cost.

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About Custom Websites

For companies that really want to their website to represent something unique or if the website needs custom functionality, a custom website is good option. Custom websites are built exactly to the designers and clients specifications, while at the same time using the management ability of WordPress. The cost of a custom site can only be determined with a consultation and review of the requirements of the website.

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Need Help Deciding?
The best thing to do is talk to a professional web designer. They can help you decide which option is best for your business.