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We do web design, social media and search. When you become our client, expect it to be a lasting relationship with open communication. This approach allows us to deliver the results you expect from your web marketing, and is what sets us apart as a premier Panama City Beach web design company.
We are an Award Winning Web Site Design firm serving Panama City Beach, Orlando, Clermont & Winter Garden &, led by Brandon Welch. A veteran in Custom Web Site Design, Programming, SEO and Online Marketing. With 13+ years building custom websites (and we still LOVE what we do). In this industry, having passion makes all the difference in the final product delivered. Local business knowledge helps us built to your demographic. We are Orlando & Panama City Beach Web Design experts offering our services in: Panama City Beach, Winter Garden / Clermont and Orlando.

We believe a Panama City Beach Web Designer should always have excellent communication with their client. Period. You are the ones who tell us what your goals are and exactly what you want to accomplish. You look to us to help you accomplish those goals, and give you the direction needed to make informed business decisions regarding your website. Simple right? Some web design companies do things differently. But, at ClicksCrazy.com we work for you, we are YOUR web design company.
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Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Brandon Welch, the owner of ClicksCrazy.com. The history of our company, well, it starts with me. The web has been a passion of mine since my family first got the internet in our home. It was the AOL years, and convinced my father to purchase an AOL dial up connection account. Little did I realize the number AOL dialed was long distance…and neither did my father…at first. But, despite this my family supported my passion, ensuring I had a functioning PC at all times regardless of financial hardships or the lack of understanding they had of them. They saw something in me.

My first website was for PC computer game when I was just 17. I still have a copy of it somewhere. It featured all the worst technologies and standards a modern website should NOT have. Anyway, after that first website, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I have been part of the web ever since.

As the industry evolved and changed so have I and the company. Web design no longer entails knowing HTML. It involves extensive experience in graphic design, web marketing, social media and SEO. I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish and would love to show that pride and passion to you.

Brandon Welch, Web Designer

Brandon Welch

Professional Web Designer
13+ Years

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We are not the new kids.
ClicksCrazy has been building and marketing websites for over 13 years.

We follow the latest trends and standards.
Just because we have been around a while doesn’t mean we are behind the times. Just glance at our blog, and you will see that we are constantly posting helpful information, trends, code snippets and a whole bunch of other nerd stuff.

We focus on the web.
We are not your “do it all” company. Instead, we have modeled our business in a way that allows us to stay attentive to the web, seo, design standards, and user interaction trends. Basically, we are not the plumber who also fixes roofs because they are both aspects of your home. We always use plumbers in our illustrations by the way, don’t know why, plumbers are just cool.

What Our Clients Say

I was at a loss trying to navigate through the clutter of web site developer offerings. Then I launched a search for local web site developers and found ClicksCrazy.com. Apparently they practice what they preach in creating strong search results. My new web site came in on time and on budget. It is fresh-looking and accomplishes exactly what I wanted. Brandon is a quick study and grasped what I needed quickly. It is also comforting having Brandon maintain my web site, blog and newsletter. I am free to do what I do best.

Ray Williams

Yesterday I received a phone call from a guy I have known since childhood. He is considering remodeling his home. He said he didn’t know if I was still in business so he went to the web. He spoke for several minutes about how professional our site appears and how much he was impressed by it. We are working with another client right now who also mentioned the affect the site had on them deciding to speak with us. Specifically they mentioned the ‘quality’ of pics!

Jody Clements

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